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Journey through 36 new levels of motion-based gameplay with number sequencing, addition, subtraction and multiplication!
*Offer valid only for first-time setup from 12/3/12-12/17/12.

When you set up early not only do you get a free app, but you can also:

PersonalizeMake the learning experience personal with your child's name, photo, grade and more!

Preload ContentPreload the new device with included content, the free app for setting up early and any other apps you may have received from friends and family via Gift It.

FamiliarizeTake a few minutes to get familiar with the new device after activation and you can help your child go from unwrapping the gift to getting wrapped up in learning fun!

Setting up is quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes.

UnboxOpen your child's learning device prior to wrapping.

Install LeapFrog ConnectVisit

Connect DeviceInstall batteries and connect your new device to your computer with the included USB cord.

Download Free AppThe free app will download automatically to your learning system when you connect.